Viator: we have the excellence budget in four of our products!

Today Viator has expressed to us that four of our products have been recognized with the excellence budget. These are: Prado Museum tour in English; Prado Museum tour in Spanish; Reina Sofía Private Tour and the Reina Sofía Museum tour in English. On this matter, Fernando Camacho, founder of The Guides You Need, has shown his happiness about this, indicating that this is “an award after a hard peak season”.

The key: our reviews

After almost 18 months touring, the reviews The Guides You Need have received in Viator and Tripadvisor couldn’t speak any clearer: the 97’4 % of our customers recommend The Guides You Need and have given a five star comment. Most of them point out the fact that our tours are limited to 6 people, which is key to enjoy not just the tour, but the Museum. This is part of the company’s philosophy: tourism shouldn’t be unhealthy for the city, the workers or the Heritage. Through this exclusive tour, the guide is able to explain and interact more with the visitor, who ultimately receives a tailor-made experience. Hence, the tours we provide are tailored for the visitors to go to any other museum and apply everything we teach.

Nowadays, due to the pandemic, The Guides You Need has reduced the tours to a maximum of 4 people. This allows the guide to work with a mask, following social distancing while maintaining a low voice. Why the low voice? Well, not disturbing others is part of the Museum’s wellbeing too. Even if times are tough, The Guides You Need is tougher and our guides still can do their best, showing visitors from all around the world what we consider to be the very best of our lovely country.

So, what’s next?

After this Viator recognition, The Guides You Need is willing to open new tours… In new cities! If the pandemic allows it, next spring we’ll be providing tours in Seville, capital of Andalusia. This Southern city is famous because of the Gothic Cathedral and the spectacular Alcázar. Both of these buildings are Unesco World Heritage and have received special attention since Game of Thrones was filmed in the Alcázar, which became the kingdom of Dorne.

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