Prado Museum

Visit the Prado Museum in just one language and in a group of seven people maximum

About the Tour

Prado Museum probably is the greatest treasure in our country and one of the most important art galleries in the world. After turning two hundred years, our favorite museum still is a wonderful example of artistic excellence. Our 90 minutes visit walks through the highlights of the collection, passing by Bosch, Titian, Greco, Velázquez or Goya.

Why does Gothic have golden backgrounds? Who are the true protagonists of the meninas? What is behind the disturbing black paintings of Goya?

With this visit we give you the opportunity to know what the artists really wanted to tell, since as historians of art we can tell you better than anyone else.

Come with us and enjoy a different visit to the Prado Museum, where the mysteries and anecdotes will be the protagonists.


  • Duración de la ruta: 90 Min
  • Cuándo: Todos los días
  • Hora: 11:00 AM
  • Punto de encuentro: Museo del Prado


Una visita exclusiva de dos horas.

¿90 minutos no es suficiente? ¡Te amamos! Visita el Museo del Prado de forma privada y profundiza en esta colección del bicentenario.







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