Madrid-Salamanca, how to get there and what to expect

If you’re passing by Madrid, maybe you want to do a little journey to nearby cities. For instance, Salamanca is a very good option, but how can you get to Salamanca? How is the Madrid-Salamanca route? These are the kind of questions we will answer.

Príncipe Pío Station’s monument

Príncipe Pío Station. Monument by Agustín Ibarrola.

Príncipe Pio Station, Madrid

Firstly: What’s the starting point? Easy: Príncipe Pío Station, Madrid. This station used to be the one which received the trains from Basque Country, plenty of metals from the mines in Northern Spain. Then, part of the trains to the North, are taken here, including the Madrid-Salamanca. Nowadays, apart from this, you can get on the train to El Escorial or, speaking about Basque Country, San Sebastián. Finally, the price goes between 20-30 euros (one ride ticket). You can easily arrive to Príncipe Pío by Metro with the lines: 6, 10 and doing a little change in Opera Station (lines 5 and 2).

The Madrid-Salamanca train: what to expect?

From Madrid, easy: there’s a train from Príncipe Pío every hour. In our trip, we took the 11:10’s one and arrived at 13:45. Is a comfortable journey  provided by Spanish National Company, Renfe. The railway has the charm of the Castilian countryside, absolutely yellow in summer, passing through small villages. Besides the train stops in Avila, from your seat you can contemplate the marvelous medieval wall and the magnificent gothic cathedral. (Actually, Ávila is a place we are going to as soon as we can). Some clarifications about the train: it hasn’t got Wi-Fi; it stops in many places (so, beware if you’re absent-minded) and, finally, beware also if you have headaches for it’s possible that you might travel “backwards” if you don’t choose a good seat.

Once you arrive:

The train Madrid-Salamanca arrives to the one and only train station in Salamanca. The Station is located in the North-East of the city, 20 minutes away from downtown Salamanca. As a result, there’s not really a need for a taxi, nevertheless, if you do need one, it’s not going to be expensive for the city is pretty easy when it comes to driving.

Avila’s view from the train Madrid-Salamanca

Train Madrid-Salamanca

Do you want to know more about Salamanca? Stay tuned, we’re writing on our blog! Or maybe you want to go on a tour in Madrid: this is our link in tripadvisor.


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