Enma López, Madrid City Councillor: “I love walking around Madrid”

With this piece, we open a new section in our website. Usually, when we go abroad, we consult what visitors think about the place we are about to visit. That’s why we thought: What if we ask people we admire what do they like the most about Madrid? That’s why we asked Enma López, Madrid city councillor since 2019.

What do we like about her?

When you come to Madrid, you’ll realize that almost nobody is really from Madrid. This is far away from being a scientific fact, but it’s true that Madrid people are naturally welcoming. Almost nobody’s from Madrid, therefore, everybody could be from here. Enma was born in Vigo, in the North of Spain. This coastal city is in Pontevedra Province, in the East of Galicia. Consequently, what we like about Enma, apart from being such a fighter in politics, is that, sometimes, just like anybody here, she feels what our Galician friends call Morriña. This beautiful Galician word means that you miss your home, which Enma portrays in the way she maintains her accent. Besides, she’s a great cook! You can check her recipes in her instagram page, where you can rather be updated with her political agenda or learn how to cook a proper Empanada gallega (Galician meat pie).

What does Enma López like about Madrid?

“One of my favorite plans is just walking around with no direction” -Enma says-. “Getting lost in the streets and alleys and looking up to the sky and buildings. We don’t pay any attention to them anymore because we always are looking down to the floor or at our phones, however, there are authentic pieces of art here! Besides, walking around is how you get to know the city. I like many other things, but as a ” walker lemonner” (her instagram is @delimaalimon, Spanish for “from lime to lemon”), that’s what I like the most”.

Precisely, Enma has something in common with one of our favorites: Velázquez. They both agree in pointing Madrid’s sky as something special. Finally, if you want to know more about Madrid or Velázquez, check out our Tripadvisor page and follow us on Instagram and Facebook! And if you want to know more about the city, check our blog!

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